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Did you know we have a Loyalty Program for Center Visits now too?

If you are a regular customer to our retail space for feeders and bulbs, you know that we offer at 10% back loyalty program. For each $1 spent you earn 1 "Star", after 100 "Start" you are rewarded with a $10 credit to be used in our retail space.

What's new? Visits to our Center now also earn points and points can be redeemed for a pass to our center! Effectively earning a
free visit every 10

If you have any questions, please ask our staff for assistance.

*Points earned can only be used in $10 increments, a $8.50 sale will use the entire credit with no roll-over.
*Money spent in gift shop for toys, souvenirs, or jewelry does not generate points
, and will not count to the $10 reward.
*Points are tracked via One phone number or name. One account must be agreed upon to consolidate points. 


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