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Meet Your New Friends

Our Animals

Meet a few of the animals of Mr. Drew and His Animals Too in Lewiston, Maine. They have been performing on shows with Mr. Drew for years!

Note: Not all animals can be shown as new animals arrive often and unexpectedly and rehomed. 



Abby is a California Black and White Kingsnake. She is 15 years old and started out as a hatchling owned by Mr. Drew's oldest daughter. Abby is an ambassador for all snakes. She has been held safely by thousands of people and she is the snake that has helped people overcome their fear of snakes (ophidiophobia).


Creature is an Argentine Black and White Tegu. This large lizard has a very diverse diet. It eats a wide variety of things and if he is hungry during a show, Mr. Drew may feed him by hand! Tegus are hunted for their skin and when you feel its skin, you will understand why!



Minnie is a Sulcata Tortoise from Africa. This tortoise belongs to the third largest species of tortoise in the world! Males of this species can weigh as heavy as 200 pounds and live for as long as 150 years.

Vietnamese Walking Sticks

Mr. Drew raises many types of insects as food for many animals. He also brings them to his programs because insects are just as fascinating as any other animals. Stick bugs are found all over the world, even here in Maine!


Beakster is most elusive in the wilds of Maine as he is protected and almost extinct here. Beakster is a male Eastern Box Turtle, you can tell by his red eyes, and is about 45 years old currently and an amazing addition to our Center.


Chloe is a Lucistic Japanese Rat Snake. She is sweet, non- aggressive and absolutely beautiful. As she is white, most would think she is albino however; that is not the case, she is lucistic, which means her eyes are not red as most albino animals are, they happen to be blue. You have to meet her! She is an incredible creature!

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