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Feeders are at times difficult to attain.

Mrs. Drew does her very best to buy quality products while trying to keep costs down. 

Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Due to the high demand and market price fluctuations, our prices may change without notice.

You are always welcome to call for updates.

-New Items-

We are now stocking a variety of pet foods, by the pound!

Mr. Drew's premium blends include freshly dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

Your pets will LOVE the change from pre-packaged foods. No two batches are the same.

Buy as much or as little as you need:

Guinea Pig, Parrot, Rabbit, Tortoise, Roach/Cricket, Rodent

Parakeet, Cockatiel, Hamster/Gerbil

We are also now stocking reptile supplies with new inventory every Month!

i.e. bulbs, fixtures, heat emitters, snake hooks, calcium powder, Crested Gecko food and MUCH more. We are also able to order special supplies if you need, just see Mrs. Drew for availability. 

(pre-pay for special orders is required)

Store Merchandise

I do my absolute best to purchase our retail stock in bulk to help defray high costs of shipping and supply chain issues. We guarantee our products for 30 days so if there are any issues with the product a full refund will be issued with a receipt of purchase or we can replace the item. We purchase only high quality, widely known product lines and stand by their excellence. The list below is just some of what we carry at all times.

 If there is a special item that us not in our inventory, I can special order the item from our wholesaler, with pre-payment. 

75, 100 & 150 watt Single Basking bulbs  

75 & 100 watt double pack Basking bulbs 

Daylight Bulbs

Blue Daylight Bulbs           

100 & 150 watt Ceramic Heat Emitter                 

Night Red Heat bulb   

Black Light Heat Bulbs

ReptiCare Infrared Emitters 

UVB Mini bulbs


Under-tank heat pads (Sm, Md, Lg)    

5.5" & 8.5" Dome Clamp lamp                 

Desert Kit w/Dome and 2 bulbs                

24", 36" Aquatic Strip Light   

24", 30", 36", 48" UVB T5 10 UVB Hoods          

18", 22", 24", 34", 36" & 48" UVB Bulbs

Calcium Powder w/Vit D 

Calcium Powder without Vit D                        

Crested Gecko Food 


Electrolyte Soak                                  

And much, much more.......

(prices subject to change without notice)

-Used Equipment Annex- 

Our annex is small, but we are receiving good, used items, almost daily.

We currently have hides, logs, water dishes, food dishes, bulbs,

plants, lighting fixtures, tanks, cages, screen tops etc.

Most tanks are $1 per gallon, Front open tanks are $2.50 per gallon

All other items are NOT priced at this time, we are asking for a fair donation for the items.

If you would like to see what we have, just stop in anytime Mon thru Sun 10am to 5pm

Did you know we have a Loyalty Program for Center Visits now too?

If you are a regular customer to our retail space for feeders and bulbs, you know that we offer at 10% back loyalty program. For each $1 spent you earn 1 "Star", after 100 "Start" you are rewarded with a $10 credit to be used in our retail space.

What's new? Visits to our Center now also earn points and points can be redeemed for a pass to our center! Effectively earning a
free visit every 10

If you have any questions, please ask our staff for assistance.

*Points earned can only be used in $10 increments, a $8.50 sale will use the entire credit with no roll-over.
*Money spent in gift shop for toys, souvenirs, or jewelry does not generate points
, and will not count to the $10 reward.
*Points are tracked via One phone number or name. One account must be agreed upon to consolidate points. 


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