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What We Do

Mr. Drew and His Animals Too is a natural science and exotic animal rescue and rehabilitation center in Lewiston, Maine. We provide a hands-on approach to learning about science and animals. We cater to clients in the entire state of Maine and some parts of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Who We Are

We are a family-oriented educational entity. Our Education Center features rescued and rehabilitated exotic animals that can be observed, touched and sometimes held. Our Geological Center allows for exploration of rocks, fossils, gems and crystals as well as a library filled with Natural Science books AND the PrisSonny Mine to enjoy digging and sifting uncovering rocks, gems and fossils along with keeping some of the items discovered.

Mr. Drew travels the state and beyond with an array of animals. He delights and teaches thousands of onlookers annually. He also has great fun with Q&A time, photo opportunities and hands on experiences.

Our animals are mostly reptiles that most people would never get to see if it were not for Mr. Drew and his efforts. Working closely with the State of Maine, we advocate the conservation and protection of the “wilds” with a DO NOT RELEASE campaign to benefit the relinquishment of exotic animals without punitive measures. We also have a #ONEPIECE campaign, challenging all persons to pick up and properly discard trash in their surroundings. Everyday, every person… what are your city numbers?

Furthermore and most importantly, we have gained proper permits and made commitments

 to move illegal and invasive species out of the state on a quarterly basis.

In ending, our business is solely funded on donations, payment for our travelling shows and entrance fees to our Center. Our goal is to provide an educational, safe and fun experience for all those who enter, regardless of their financial status, religion, race, orientation, creed, abilities, etc.


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