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Looking to Join our Team?
Fill out an application and hand it in to us to start your adventure!

If you are looking for Paid Employment please click HERE!

*Please note paid employees must be 18+ years old to be eligible.
**At this time we are not currently hiring Paid Employees

If you are looking for Volunteer Opportunities
Please follow the link  HERE!

*Please note paid employees must be 15+ years old to be eligible.

General Disclaimer for all potential new hires.
As much fun as playing with the animals always is, there is much more to our jobs than just playing with them all day. We want to make it very clear what our expectations are in who we hire at our center. We have over 200 animals that need to be fed, cleaned, and taken care of daily. On top of this, due to the wild nature of our exhibits, our center requires daily dusting and vacuuming to keep looking clean. New employees will start their training doing custodial tasks such as cleaning bathrooms and dusting before moving on to the animals. From there, we start at the slower stations such as the Mine or the Tortoise Pen to make sure everyone is comfortable talking with our customers. If none of these things are a turn off for you then feel free to apply.

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