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Fundraising Table

If you belong to an organization like Scouts of America, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Cheer, sports teams, etc., you can reserve time on a Saturday to raise funds via lemonade sale, bake sale, cookies, popcorn or what ever your group sells.

**We cannot have private individuals or crafters due to city regulations and vendor permit requirements**

This is FREE and we will provide a 6’ table and set you up in the hallway right at the entrance where people can see you as they are coming and going. Saturday is our busiest day and we will share on our page that your organization will be there and what you are selling.

If you are interested in a date and a time slot (10am to 1pm OR 2pm to 4pm), you can send an email to chris,

Please tell us your organization, troop numbers, team name, reason for the fundraising, what you will be selling and a preferred date and time.

Thank you and we look forward to providing a safe and warm place to fund raise!

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